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Bellaa 20018 Sun Metal Wall Decor Patio Garden, Indoor, Outdoor Celetic

  • $ 000

Product Name:  Bellaa 20018 Sun Metal Wall Decor Patio Garden, Indoor, Outdoor Celtic

color: brown 34
Product ID:  811641020018
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand Name:  Bellaa
Manufacturer:  Bellaa
Category (item-type):  wall-sculptures


  • Celestial Sun Wall Sculptures - Abstract Metal Wall Decor Exhibits Special Liking For Wall Art Metal Sun Wall Decor Feel Every Morning More Fresh
  • Bellaa's Distinguish Amazing quality Vintage Style - Collectors items Limited Edition
  • A Classiques looking sculpture is perfect inside in the kitchen or dining room, or great for all occasional gifts
  • Intricately crafted - This awesome Sculpture is an excellent addition to your home.
  • 97917 Metal Sun Wall Decor Feel The Warmth of Sun Sculptures Home Décor - Wall Art Decor 36"h, 36"w

    Metal Wall Decor Patio Sun, Garden, Indoor, Outdoor - Wall decor with great decor sense. Support your existing wall decor with Metal SUN WALL DECOR. It is an excellent anytime low priced wall decor upgrade option for everyone. Just have a look over this; you will fall in instant love with this sun sculpture. Sun shape makes it versatile. It can be used outdoor also. * Size : 34.5 inch diameter - B0x size is 36.5" * Material : Rust free metal alloy designed in beautiful smiling sun with wings * Color : Brown with different colors traces * Unique versatile wall decor; Can be fixed easily; Anytime gift